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4-6 December 2015

Reviving old tribal paths to create the wildest Ultra Trail in Asia


Passion, honesty, pleasure, involvement

Our values and our commitment convey our mind-set and the thinking which underlies UTCM.


This is what drives us, what impels us to go off into the blue yonder to carry out a project which is more than a tad crazy. We all know that the finest runs are not something you can improvise. They have to be earned. You need a lot of energy, humility and passion to organize a great race. Just as you need plenty of all three qualities to reach the finishing line...


To us this means showing sincerity and integrity in what you undertake. This implies innovation. You have to create a course which not only no-one knows, but which no-one has even imagined. A course which respects the spirit of its context, and does not just loop back on itself, but sets off on unexplored paths to discover ‘fresh fields and pastures new’. Honesty is proposing a course which makes sense.


We should never lose sight of the fact that running is an opportunity. It offers a chance to surpass yourself, a chance to reinvent yourself, a chance to experience strong emotions and share them with others. To discover outstanding landscapes in places yet untouched by the modern world. To come into contact with other cultures, other modes of thought. To live for just a few hours in close contact with protected ethnic groups. UltraThai offers the opportunity to do all of these things.


The process of organizing UTCM has created strong links with the host country. We love Thailand passionately and wish to respect its character, traditions and people. So we thought that it made sense to support first the programmes of the Creating Balance Foundation, which works to improve the education and well-being of ethnic minority children. For the next years we are planning either a deeper collaboration with a local NGO or to develop our own mission: bringing sport its values and benefits to hill-tribe kids.

Eco Responsability & Ethics

Trail running means to us the pleasure to run in wonderful areas and the pleasure to exchange with people. Here we are inspired directly from the values put forward by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA). We consider them as fundamental principles for each runner, organizer and volunteer. Equity, respect for other people and local people, respect for the environment, mutual aid and solidarity are key points for us. Conscience of our responsibilities we will act with runners and local tribes to respect those principles and values.