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4-6 December 2015

Reviving old tribal paths to create the wildest Ultra Trail in Asia



  • There are many international flights to Chiang Mai. It is possible to fly directly from:
  • Hong Kong (Dragon Air)
  • Macao (Air Asia)
  • Singapore (Silk Air)
  • Kuala Lumpur (Air Asia)
  • Seoul (Korean Air)
  • Taipei (China Airlines and TransAsia)
  • Kunming (Thai Airways)
  • Yangon (Air Mandalay)
  • Mandalay (Air Mandalay)
  • See main flights timetable
  • It can be very cheap to fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Many companies offer daily flights at competitive prices. For some runners it could be a better deal to fly to Bangkok then Chiang Mai (be careful about the right airport).
  • Public buses
  • Depart from Bangkok bus terminal in Mo Chit (BTS metro station).
  • 2nd class air-con: 12 departures each day
    Duration: 10-11 hours
    Price: THB 434
  • 1st class air-con with toilets: Leave every half hour from 6.45am to 9pm
    Duration: 10 hours
    Price: THB 558
  • Government VIP buses: 6 departures each day
    Duration: 10 hours
    Price: THB 863

  • Private companies
  • Ten or more private tour companies run air-con buses between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Here are the two best and reliable ones. They provide excellent services and are safe.
  • Nakhonchai Air
    Hotline in English: 1624
  • Sombat Tour

  • Chiang Mai-bound trains leave Bangkok at Hua Lamphong station daily (MRT metro station). To check the most up-to-date timetables and prices call the State Railway of Thailand (free hotline 1690) or visit its website:
  • See railway timetable
  • It is recommended to book train in advance especially for berths on sleepers. To book, either go directly to Hualamphong station or email the State Railway of Thailand (passenger-ser@railway.co.th) at least two weeks before your journey.