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4-6 December 2015

Reviving old tribal paths to create the wildest Ultra Trail in Asia


Nature, Tribes and Sport

Thailand Mountain Trail is born following the ‘Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai’ trail running project held in 2013. The organization has been founded to investigate and mark mountain trails in Northern Thailand. It aims is to revive the old paths previously used by hill tribes that are now disappearing. Working in relationship with local tribes, respecting nature and areas, promoting sport and outdoor activities are TMT’s main objectives. The next two years will be dedicated to create several long GR footpaths and organizing trekking, trail running and MTB trips.


Benefiting from its extensive knowledge of northern mountains and its contacts with local people, Thailand Mountain Trail will be Ultra Thai Chiang Mai’s exclusive organizer. Composed of several sportspeople passionate and locally involved TMT has revealed to be the only organization able to conduct such a project.

TMT will place its expertise at the service of the race to make UTCM an event with the highest international standards. The work is huge: marking and cleaning 150kms of paths, organizing remote refreshments points and night stages within hill tribe villages, getting all kinds of authorizations and support from the national parks, managing security and logistics.

Sebastien Bertrand – Founder and manager

Sebastien is a trail-runner and triathlete from the French Alps. He has worked for 10 years in Europe as Marketing and Product manager for international outdoor brands. In 2013 he decided it was time to seek a new personal challenge. He left his job and went to Thailand he had already visited two times before. Attracted to the country and the ambiance in the mountains; he wanted to develop trail running in the North. To investigate mountain trails, Sebastien went directly to ask local hill tribes to help him. After one year scaling and running the most remote mountain paths he decided to launch Thailand Mountain Trail.

Eric Mulder – Logistic manager and tribe expert

Army veteran Eric (UN mission in Lebanon 82) is originally from the Netherlands and has travelled extensively throughout the world. He speaks no less than 6 languages. Eric came to Thailand 7 years ago, immediately falling in love with the country and its people. Few months after arriving in Thailand, he decided to be ordained as a Buddhist monk and stayed in a temple two years and a half. Eric has love for nature and outdoor activities. He is a passionate triathlete and cyclist. He also has a keen interest in the culture of the hill tribes of North Thailand. After helping Thailand Mountain Trail in different projects, he decided naturally to be part of this unique race Ultra Thai Chiang Mai.