A ‘test run’ for the great race

    The Edition zer0 of Ultra Thai Chiang Mai took place from 14 to 16 November 2014. 20 runners from Europe and Asia were invited to try out this future trail event. In addition to promoting the event and making it more widely known, the idea behind this test run was to discover more about the course itself and to ‘validate’ it.

  • “The course is unparalleled: it takes you well and truly into the heart of the jungle and the mountains, using little-frequented paths. You are thrown straight into wild country. Some parts are full of difficulties and involve steep gradients, other parts allow you to lengthen your stride and get up speed. The organisers have made a real effort to construct a unique course.”

    Simon Grimstrup (Denmark)

  • “The course is very tough, with major technical difficulties. In particular, the slopes are seriously steep. I loved the countryside and the ambiance of the villages. The last part, as we approached Chiang Dao, was particularly beautiful, but tougher than ever when it came to changes in elevation!”

    Adrian Wong (Singapore)

  • “It was a very striking experience. I’d never done a race like this and I wasn’t sure how my body would react. The final part was truly stupendous; the climbs were long and hard, and some stretches posed real technical difficulties, in terms of the physical problems posed. I live in Bangkok and we don’t get much opportunity to run over such varied terrain with such enormous changes in elevation. It was a revelation, even for a Thai!”

    Ron Poonsaengsathit (Thailand)

  • “It’s one of the most difficult, technically-demanding courses I have ever seen, but the countryside is sensational. Some stretches of the run plunge you literally into the middle of nowhere, in the depths of the jungle. It was an absolutely crazy project! Many thanks to the organizers for allowing us to share it! The whole experience was intense, and I shall certainly be back for the inaugural race.”

    Razif Yahya (Malaysia)

  • “It was a hard but very varied course through beautiful countryside. I particularly enjoyed the nights we spent in the villages; staying there gave the whole undertaking an additional sense of exploration and discovery. And last but not least, it was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to run with other runners from such a wide range of countries!”

    Michitomo Yamakita (Japan)

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4-6 December 2015

Reviving old tribal paths to create the wildest Ultra Trail in Asia